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How is Delay Repay calculated?

Delay repay is a national compensation scheme that most train operating companies have in place. You can claim compensation if you're delayed by 30 minutes or more (including cancellations) when you travel with us. To make a claim for compensation you can use either the online form or by completing a paper form by downloading the PDF from our website. Please click here for all the information you need about Delay Repay.

If you're delayed by:
0-29 minutes you're not entitled to compensation.
30-59 minutes you're entitled to 50% of the cost of your single ticket or 25% of the cost your return ticket.
60-119 minutes you're entitled to 100% of the cost of your single ticket or 50% of the cost of your return ticket.
120+ minutes you're entitled to 100% of the cost of a return journey.

Season ticket holders (weekly or longer):
To calculate the compensation value of each journey, we divide the cost of your season ticket by 464; other period tickets are calculated pro-rata on the same basis.
an annual season ticket covers 464 single journeys
a quarterly season ticket covers 130 single journeys
a monthly season ticket covers 40 single journey
a weekly season ticket covers 10 single journeys

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