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Information about CrossCountry's new-style tickets

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You should always try to buy your train ticket before you board the train. However, we recognise that in some circumstances, such as retail facilities being unavailable at a station that day, this is not always possible.

We are updating the machines used to sell tickets on board our trains, which will now be issued as paper roll tickets similar to a shop till receipt or cinema ticket.

When exiting a station, some will have ticket barriers with barcode readers where you scan the barcode now featured on the ticket to open the barriers. At stations where barcode readers are not available, please show your ticket to a member of staff and they will open the barrier for you.

It is not possible to purchase a train ticket on board our trains for travel across London as they are not currently accepted at Transport for London operated stations. 

Below is an example of one of our paper roll tickets, the table below explains the information displayed on your ticket.

No Definition
1 Ticket type
2 Journey destination
3 Information on ticket restrictions 
4 Validity dates
5 First Class or Standard ticket
6 Refund policy
7 Ticket price
8 Barcode 
9 Information regarding ticket validity 


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