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Season tickets

Beat the bustle and avoid the queues

If there’s a journey you do regularly, like your commute, buying a Season Ticket is a great way to save money, be more flexible and spend less time queuing for tickets. You can buy a season ticket for seven days or any period between one month and a year.

On average, the longer the ticket duration, the more you’re likely to save. For example, an Annual Season Ticket is valid for 52 weeks but costs the same as 40 Weekly Season Tickets. With a Season Ticket, you can go between your home and destination station as many times as you like in one day, giving you more flexibility in your schedule. Plus, with your Season Ticket, you won’t need to queue up at a ticket machine every week to buy or collect yours.

In some areas multi-modal tickets are available which means you can also travel on buses, - and on trams in some areas - for the same price.

See how much you could save with a Season ticket here:


Which train season ticket should i buy?

There are several train Season Tickets to choose from, depending on how much you travel.

1.Weekly Season tickets

Weekly season tickets are valid for seven consecutive days and can start on any day of the week. They usually cost less than five Anytime Day Return / Anytime Return tickets and the more you travel, the more you save!

2.Monthly Season Tickets

You can save even more with a Monthly Season Ticket. Monthly Season tickets are valid for one calendar month and can start on any day.

3.Monthly Plus Tickets

Monthly Plus Season tickets are valid for any number of days between one month and one year, meaning you can create your own duration of Season Ticket.

4.Annual Season Tickets

Annual season tickets are the best value season ticket available if you know you are going to be making a certain journey regularly, for a year.

What do I need to buy a Season Ticket?

A Photocard may be required for purchasing Season tickets from a ticket office and are required for buying Monthly and Monthly Plus Season tickets online.

Photocards are issued free of charge from ticket offices, but you will need to provide a recent passport-type photograph of yourself.

If you have one already, you can tell us your Photocard number when purchasing, and we’ll match it up to your Season Ticket. Just remember that you’ll need to bring both your Season Ticket and Photocard with you at all times when travelling.


Another option to save money on regular train journeys is by investing in a Railcard. If you fall under certain criteria you may be eligible for a railcard, where you can save ⅓ of your journey price each time. This sometimes works out as better value than a Season Ticket.

If you need to change your Season ticket or apply for a refund our Seasons Support Team can assist you. Please contact our team on 0371 244 2389.

If your journey was delayed and you would like to claim compensation please apply online using our Delay Repay form.

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