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Things to do for Father’s Day

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Each year when Father’s Day comes around it seems like it’s a last-minute dash to get something that shows your Dad how much you love him. Well, instead of the usual mug he’s likely to break doing the washing up, why not plan an activity together instead? This year, Father’s Day falls on the 21st June, and we’re hoping for good weather and summer vibes.

Thanks to technology, there is plenty of things you can get up to whether you live near each other or not. If you’re looking for ways to dazzle your Dad this year, our list of things to do for Father’s Day will most certainly help.

1. Pack up a picnic

All Dads really want to do on Father’s Day is to spend time with their loved ones, and if you include sausage rolls and sunshine, they’re bound to get excited. Check out our selection of the best picnic spots in the UK and find one close to home. Make up some sandwiches with your Dad’s favourite filling, and don’t forget to pack the most important thing – a blanket! A picnic in the sunshine is one of the best things to do for Father’s Day.

2. Take a Virtual Tour

While heading out to museums or other attractions might not be an option this Father’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit some of the most amazing attractions from the comfort of your own home! Have a read of our Virtual Tour of Britain post to see a list of our favourite attractions you can explore from the sofa.

3. Light up the BBQ

We have our fingers crossed that a good summer is on the cards this year. There’s nothing better than lighting up the BBQ when the sun is shining. We’re sure a BBQ would be one of your Dad’s favourite things to do for Father’s Day. Add in a spot of frisbee or a game of football - the ways to ramp up the fun are endless.

4. Cook together

Cooking is a great activity to do and it’s something you can do separately. Set up a Facetime or Zoom call with your Dad and follow the same recipe whilst having a chat virtually. Stuck for recipe ideas? Our Food from Britain series is a great source of inspiration - so far we’ve covered Scotland and the North East of England.

5. Take a walk

Get outdoors with your Dad this Father’s Day and appreciate the nature you have on your doorstep. It’s surprising how much there is to explore in parts of your local area you never knew existed. Whether you’re after a city loop or a walk in the woods, there are lots of lovely walking routes across the UK. It’s also a great way to get some exercise done and improve your mental health.


6. Watch a film or TV Series together

Perhaps you share a similar taste in films and TV shows as your Dad? Netflix Party allows you to watch the same show together even though you’re apart. You could even extend it out to the whole family so everyone can get involved in a movie night! Make it an occasion with popcorn, sweets, and a large glass of your favourite fizzy drink. Who needs the cinema?!

7. Organise a family quiz or scavenger hunt

By this point you might be quizzed out, but there’s nothing like a personalised pub quiz to treat your Dad to this Father’s Day. Take a trip down memory lane and dig out old photographs, funny memories and embarrassing stories and incorporate them into your virtual quiz. An alternative is a scavenger hunt. Make a list of things each household has to find or do, and the quickest and best wins.

8. Delve into your family history

Our heritages are fascinating, and it might be something your Dad has been intrigued about for a while. However, discovering family history can be hard and time-consuming, so why not do it for him? There are many websites online that offer free and paid for services, so there’s no time like the present! Finding out more about your family tree is not only interesting but may also resolve some unanswered questions your Dad has.

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